A Quiet Place – Film Review

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A Quiet Place – Film Review

Disclaimer, I am not a horror movie person. That being said, this is a really great film that’s excellently constructed. John Krasinski does a wonderful job of putting this contained thriller to the screen, but has such great characters with great acting. The husband/wife duo of Krasinski and Blunt really does help the onscreen portrayal of the husband and wife with them being married in real life to make it believable. The story is pretty tight in it being about a family surviving after an alien infestation by being quiet to not be detected.

This film is very suspenseful and uses tension and jumpscares well that don’t feel cheap and are expertly done. Lots of plot points and story elements that are woven in the beginning of the story pay off at the end. Very little of the film was superfluous. The usage of sound was pretty spectacular.. One of the children, Regan, is deaf and that was used effectively in a few places. The switching between silence and the sounds of being in the mind of a person who is deaf was a fun play on screen.

I love you. I’ve always loved you.

With a lot of high brow horror doing so well as of late in the past few years including, The Conjuring, 10 Cloverfield Lane, IT (2017, Split, and Get Out shows that you can spend little on the film and get a great return on investment if you find the best well told story to put on screen. There has to be the right talent with a strong voice to help make each of these films so well constructed.

Emily Blunt does a great job as the female lead as the wife who is pregnant in the film. There are some horrifying scenes she has to endure that were excellently done. I have to commend Krasinski direction of this film and the shots that were used to reveal the aliens in scenes. The alien design was interesting. It didn’t feel overly original but it was interesting how they behaved. I would compare this film to signs but a much better and less silly version to that film. I recommend to go see this film as soon as you can, stay quiet while you watch.