Blade Runner 2049 – Film Review

Blade Runner 2049 – Film Review

When it comes to 80’s Sci Fi classics, cinephiles will always have Blade Runner on their list of all time best films. Though the film was considered a cult favorite and gained improvement with the multiple versions leading to “The Final Cut” in 2007, Blade Runner has become known as a masterpiece. This film inspired so many films, comics, manga, anime in Japanese culture and the Cyberpunk scene. With this next entry the continue what Ridley Scott established in the original and expand upon it. Denis Villeneuve is a masterful craftsman and Roger Deakins has done his best work.

2049 heavily relies on Ryan Gosling’s character throughout the picture. The films supporting cast is great but doesn’t get enough time to shine individually. Even Harrison Ford is not in the as much as advertised, but delivers on his performance. Sylvia Hoeks and Ana De Armas really stood out with their performances as their characters of Luv and Joi. Their characters were well writing and had a lot of complexity which I appreciated.

You’ve never seen a miracle.

I won’t go into the films plot because it would give away the whole film of what it is about. But I felt that the plot was well constructed to where I thought it was going to go one way but ended up surprising me. I enjoyed the twists and turns for it to be a true Sci Fi Noir film. When I finished watching the film I was quite impressed in what the team put together. Though the word “masterpiece” can be overused to the point where it is a cliche. I would say that this film will be there soon someday due to the fantastic job done overall in this film.

My only negative after some thought is the objectification of women in the film which I won’t go too deep into but can understand the complaints and see that if they had more female characters that weren’t dependent upon male characters to exist for themselves that would have benefited the film to be more widely accepted. Though the performances by the entire cast did help balance out this issue for myself personally.

But overall I highly recommend people watch “The Final Cut” of the first Blade Runner, then see this film on the biggest screen they can. Though I know the film is long it is well paced in my personal opinion.