Fantastic Four (2015) – Film Review

Fantastic Four (2015) – Film Review

Going into this film there was a lot of negative buzz around it. With all the critical reviews being panned and thought of as terribly managed, I was hoping for the worst and having very low expectations. Seeing the film, starting out — it seemed pretty good going in with the set up. The whole first act is great. Characters are well set up and you can start to feel where its going but it changes by the 3rd act. The story felt choppy at points and Kate Mara’s hair change definitely signifies where there were reshoots. Doom’s character was clearly changed by the studio from being Victor Domashev through reshoots to make it more of a superhero film. The end is clearly rushed and action is added because FOX wanted it to be a super hero film.

The cast I would say is the best part of this film. They really tried to bring a great performance with a script that isn’t well done. The synergy between the cast is felt through periods of the film but some of the character relationships aren’t fully realized. Reed and Ben are the heart of this film but they aren’t treated well in the second half. Sue and Johnny aren’t as explored as they should be. There are nods to Sue being adopted but the relationship with her father in brother isn’t explored in detail. Franklin Storm was good in the film but he should have had more screen time with his kids.

With every new discovery, there is risk. But we are stronger together than we are apart.

The tone of the film being a science fiction horror film I thought was perfect for the ‘Fantastic Four.’ The horror of being transformed into something you either can’t handle or makes you into a different person you don’t want to be with abilities you can’t control is a great idea. The violence with Doom was a great addition for the horror aspect. Though that genre is muted in the 3rd act and the story destroyed by the studio, I hope if FOX does make a sequel they continue that and go full Sci Fi horror and not tip toe around it.

For the future of the franchise there are obviously several scenarios FOX returning the rights to Marvel for one. Which I don’t think they will because FOX as a studio isn’t failing and two there is a lot in the universe they created to fix it in one movie. Marvel Studios also has a lot of other films and characters to get to, so getting to these characters again would be another long wait. FOX obviously can’t work with Josh Trank again but I feel that if this movie does make its money back it would have a director that FOX can work with peacefully to make it all work. The cast is way too good to just throw away. There is plenty they can do to erase this one as more of a short origin story and the real “Fantastic Four” movie can begin.
I just hope that however this property is handled the next film is much better.