Generation Y and Z’s impact on Mobile Design

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Generation Y and Z’s impact on Mobile Design

With the introduction with smart phones and mobile first design, it is imperative that Generation Y and Z be a good source in improving mobile design. Young adults who were born between the 1980’s and the early 2000’s are those who are exposed more to technology. They are more prone to understand how to use it and are able to think of ways of improving interfaces. Growing up in this technological age has helped those of us surrounded by it to adapt quicker to the increasing changes that happen in technology.

Those in the industry who are from previous generations aren’t as able as younger generations to adapt as quickly to understand such technologies as time continues. Android, Windows, and Apple have their own brand of devices which each have their own unique interface. With the wide array of devices, the younger generation has been slowly able to gain access to the devices. ThoseThey each approach mobile interaction differently to give a user a different experience. Our generation is able to have preferences of which devices they are more comfortable using and having the ability to specialize in such devices.

With the recent release of flat design to the public, young designers are able to understand what is really important when it comes to design and showcasing content. New students are going into art & design programs to learn about the basics of design wanting to be able to be apart of the growing change. They are able to think in new creative ways in order to improve interfaces of technology. They have been exposed to the multiple changes through the years to see what has and hasn’t worked over the years.

Flat design is just the beginning of how we can make a clean simplified interface for smart phones. Our generation is able to take the knowledge gained and our enthusiasm into the workforce to bring change to any agency or company. It is imperative that employers take notice the value of us as designers when moving forward with their business. Younger designers now have the ability to catch up with these new devices in order to keep their company up to speed with the latest trends.

Though the mobile first initiative is what is the current trend of design is leaning towards, it doesn’t mean all designers should be mobile designers. It also does not mean that taking on new designers straight from school means that they are unexperienced, but it does mean they have a fresh perspective in giving a helping hand in improving how we interact with technology. Exposure to technology goes hand in hand with how our society is shaped. Young and prospective designers are taking notice of the changes in mobile design, its time that they play apart in it as well.

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