Insurgent – Film Review

Insurgent – Film Review

The Insurgent series is thought of as sub par version of “The Hunger Games.” Sometimes it does seem to be the same film series but reworked into a different story. This film in particular differed a lot from “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire“, in that the story was completely different overall. The tone slightly shifts with the main character Tris, being shy to being an action star. She seemed to have rushed into this role from the first movie. She felt like she was getting there but it seemed a bit rushed.

For the overall plot it relied a lot on the first film but it did feel like a chapter of a book or another episode of a tv series. This definitely did feel like a part 2 of the story. I’m glad there wasn’t much disconnect from the first film to show an overarching story. Though I do feel that the first and second film could have been made into one. It doesn’t have the same effect though as splitting up one book which is good. The script definitely felt it needed polishing with the dialogue. Some of the lines the actors had to say didn’t feel well worded or cliche. I hope that there is better polishing in the last two installments.

I’m not gonna fight you.

The veteran actors fell a little flat with me. Kate Winslet, Octavia Spencer, Ashley Judd, and Daniel Dae Kim did have much to do other than serve the plot at points. I wished that there characters were more developed and had more to do essentially. They were good in the film they just didn’t serve the plot more than the scenes they appeared. The next installments will have Jeff Daniels added to the cast which I am hopeful they will develop the actor in a great role for the franchise. With the two films ahead I hope they use the time to make the story more relevant, real and relatable.

With this focus on self acceptance vs the first films message on escaping your comfort zone, I feel those are great messages to teach young adults as a gradual process. Nothing is wrong with you being yourself and that you shouldn’t live in a box. The main star of this franchise of course is Shailene Woodley who really does shine in this entry. Her performance carries the film throughout and makes it better for it. I hope that the actors are better utilized in the next entries and that the series gets better to fill the gap “The Hunger Games” franchise is leaving behind.