Kingsman: The Secret Service – Film Review

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Kingsman: The Secret Service – Film Review

At first glance of the initial trailer I was not interested in this franchise, but over the various promotion material and trailers leading up it got my attention. Kingsman: The Secret Service was such a refreshing Spy-Action film that we haven’t seen in a while. It is a parody of the “Bond” films with it mentioning James Bond in the film, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The fact that this movie is very meta in being self referential makes it even more exciting. “It’s not that kind of movie” really does sum up the tone.

“Manners maketh man.”

The cast is pretty incredible. Colin Firth as an action star is a revelation and he does a damn good job in making it believable. Taron Edgerton, Sofia Boutella and Sophie Cookson are great up and coming talents who I look forward in seeing in future films. Truly this is an Eggsy origin story but without the whole cast including Mark Strong, Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson it wouldn’t have been such a hit.

Matthew Vaughn shines in this feature and his style is more established. I’m a fan of Stardust and X-Men: First Class, but with this feature his style is very clear. The British comedy elements were at play and the resonated on screen. The action in here is also his signature style. The plot, though outlandish, fit with the meta tone of the film. “It’s not that kinda movie” reflected its outrageousness. The visual effects are incredible at the end sequence with the church scene being a key highlight in cinema.

The violence only bothered me a little bit in the church scene. I understood its purpose and felt it was to the max in extremity. Sometimes an over-saturation of violence can desensitize how effects you but just parts of seeing people die there got a bit much. The rest of the film was executed brilliantly. I can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel.