Mad Max: Fury Road – Film Review

Mad Max: Fury Road – Film Review

As someone who is vaguely familiar with this franchise — other than knowing that Mel Gibson use to star in it, I had no prior attachments to be invested in continuing the story. After seeing the 2014 Comic Con trailer, my interest vastly changed. The cinematography was amazing. It was such a strong color palette with great action sequences that I’ve felt I have never seen before. It definitely captured my attention from 0 to 100.

Oh what a day, what a lovely day!

After seeing the film I’m interested in checking out the other three films to see the nuances and easter eggs I wasn’t able to catch or understand while watching the film. The cast is great, Charlize really shines as this films star. Tom Hardy does a great job. I felt it spoke better volumes by him not having a lot of lines in the film. Charlize and Tom as a duo was solid in that they seemed like equals and worked well together as the films heroes. Zoe Kravitz, Nicholas Hoult, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were great additions to the overall cast. The return of Hugh Keays-Byrne as the villain Immortan Joe, was a great nod to the franchise and having the actor return to the wonderful Mad Max universe.

George Miller I have to give huge props on getting the right people and using his creative talent to execute well done action sequences, beautiful cinematography that is amazing to see in the theaters, smart practical effects and crafting it all around a simplistic story about Hope. The characters are all well challenged throughout the film about finding hope for the future with real stakes being portrayed.

My name is Max. My world is fire. And blood.

Overall the simplicity in the story, the great action sequences, cinematography and cast make this film one of the greatest of our time.