Overlord – Film Review

Overlord – Film Review

As a Horror-esque “B-Movie” this film succeeds in capturing that magic. This was thought to be apart of the “Cloverfield” franchise, but was debunked. This film focuses on a solider from his point of view trying to survive World War II. The positives of the film is that is gives a platform for new talent of color in front of the screen. With Wyatt Russell and newcomer Jovan Adepo leading the film with a great supporting cast, they do a great job selling the action. Mathilde Ollivier as Chloe is a badass female lead that has her own agency. The action in this film is peppered throughout the film but could have been more frequent.

The premise of the film is that these American soldiers go to war in France where they encounter Nazi’s doing radical experiments and turn people into zombie killers. The premise seems crazy and over the top but is very simple and subtly done. One of the downsides of the film is that there isn’t enough of the zombie action as there could have been. The serum is very super-solider-like. There was enough gore and violence to make it a fun ride overall. There could have been more but it was all done tastefully.

Our greatest achievement. With it, we create super-Nazis; A thousand year army and it’s thousand year soldiers.

The opening sequence of the fleet going to Europe was well executed on the big screen. Lots of shock and awe to draw the viewers into the world. Even the parachute drop was a great thrill. Very well executed use of CGI and practical effects. The make up effects on the zombie look were really cool. The story itself is pretty by the numbers once the main opening sequence is finished. There are some great deaths and body horror elements to keep fans entertained.

As refreshing as it is to have a film that has no franchise behind it and it being a stand alone adventure, it did lack the scale of greatness. Definitely did appreciate a tight-knit focus on a handful of characters and good world building. I would say you can see this at home without having to rush to see this in theaters. Good performances and solid action.


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