I was tasked with making a Logo, sticker, and t-shirts with a social media tie in. With this “X” Mark I started thinking back to the original idea of the meaning behind FredXchange. FredXchange is an organization that helps bring people of different careers and bring them together. The “X” is a crossroads of a point of intersection between the areas of Fredericksburg including Spotsylvania, Caroline, Fredericksburg City, King George and Stafford. Having the X in pieces represents the fact that all these people in different careers are living in the area and they all need each other to build good business relationships.


  • sticker1
  • sticker2
  • sticker3


  • madesalmon
  • xblue
  • xgreen

Community Give
I was tasked to create social media ads that were shareable to which gave people the incentive to give. If they gave they would receive apparel & collateral for giving at a certain amount. In 2016, I was tasked with creating ads focused in messaging on giving rather than apparel.

  • FredxchangeGive15_hoodie
  • FredxchangeGive15_Stickers
  • FredxchangeGive15_tshirt
  • Fredxchange_Give16_Spirit1
  • Fredxchange_Give16_Action1
  • Fredxchange_Give16_Culture1

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