The Death Cure – Film Review

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The Death Cure – Film Review

Young Adult Dystopian book-to-film adaptations have certainly faded into the sunset as of late. A lot of them started to blend together and lost their own unique identity in order to separate themselves to showcase why they were great book franchises to begin with. “Maze Runner – The Death Cure” is the closing chapter in the trilogy that answers a lot of questions that were asked in the first two films and in my opinion is the strongest ending out of the three main franchises “Hunger Games”, “Divergent” and “Maze Runner.”

Though this film had a tragic accident happen to Dylan O’Brien to cause filming to be suspended one year — I am glad that he was given the time to recovery and be able to still want to finish the film. The film has some great action sequences thanks to director Wes Ball who did all 3 films in the franchise. That has to be commended that not only do you have the same creative team on all entries of the franchise but the last one is the best one executed creatively. Each one of the films doesn’t feel like its telling the same story and does an excellent job at world building.

Thomas: Do you regret what you did to us?
Teresa: I did what I thought was right.

Going back to the film’s pacing — there were several memorable action sequences placed throughout the film that not only were well shot but but had great sound design and believability that made the film an overall ride. The train heist, the crane sequence, and the escape from the city. I would definitely say that though the young adult dystopian genre has stalled to a halt, this one benefited from the break and was able to breathe on its own.

Though there are excellent performances across the board from across all of the cast members and even the visual effects that were extremely high quality for a film with a $62 million dollar budget, FOX spent that money well. The downfalls of the film mainly are related to the script that has to weave in those tropes of the genre that are tired and some of the dialogue is clunky even though the actors are giving good performances, selling the material. I would say that them film ends on its own terms than being a closing about the problems of the world it created and more focused on telling the story of the kids involved in having them have proper closure.

Overall I would recommend the film, especially if you’re looking for a quality action film from a spectacle stand point that delivers. The film does have a 2 hour 30 minute runtime which is felt by the end of the picture.