Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Film Review

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Film Review

There are always great crime based story films about a murder and the solving of that murder. This is not one of those films. “Three Billboards” is a dark comedy about a mother grieving over the death of her daughter and her ability to cope by utilizing the billboards in order to find the justice in her death. Though the film has its great outstanding performances by Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson the film ends on a different note than what you think it will.

I did appreciate what they were going for as a film in showcasing about people who abuse others and are rapists being taken down, but the ending just felt unsatisfying to me rather it end on something hopeful it ends on something out of left field. There were a couple other twists that happen in the film I did not expect but those landed stronger for me. Both were character turns that benefit the film overall in it being worth a watch. The humor that the film takes and the chemistry between the leads is a real shining point for the overall picture.

I’d do anything to catch the guy who did it, Mrs. Hayes, but when the DNA don’t match no one who’s ever been arrested, and when the DNA don’t match any other crime nationwide, and there wasn’t a single eyewitness from the time she left your house to the time we found her, well… right now there ain’t too much more we could do.

I would definitely recommend this as a streaming option for people who are curious about this film based on just the trailer or cast alone. This is great story showcasing a female lead and its not apologetic which is a strong suit for this film with Frances’ performance.