Wind River – Film Review

Wind River – Film Review

Wind River is the third chapter in the “Frontier Trilogy” by Taylor Sheridan in which he focuses on the Native American Indian reservation named “Wind River” that has a crime committed in which the FBI Agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) arrives and seeks the help of Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) to label this crime a homicide. This is a great end to his trilogy, in my opinion the best out of the three films (“Sicario”, “Hell or High Water”, “Wind River”). The emotional toll the characters go on feels real and very heartbreaking.

I applaud Taylor Sheridan on his directing debut and for his work on this film in particular. The casting of Olsen and Renner is perfect they have a great on-screen chemistry and bring a lot to their performances. I did feel that the writing and some of the directing could have been tighter for their characters to bring a stronger overall piece but Sheridan did a great job as a first time director in his efforts. The supporting cast of Jon Bernthal and Gil Birmingham were great additions to this film. Jon Bernthal gives a fantastic performance as Matt Rayburn.

Luck don’t live out here.

I definitely think this film will be on the Best Picture list of this years Oscars and definitely recommend that you check it out at some point. Whether it be on VOD or in the theaters. It deserves to be seen. It definitely showcases the problems that Native American women have in that part of the country and that problem needs to be addressed by the larger public.

The quieter moments of the film were some of the best. There was such great tension and heated moments throughout the film that can be thanked by the composers Nick Cave and Warren Ellis and Cinematographer Ben Richardson with the scenic views that made you feel as cold as the characters did. After seeing this film and the mystery that revolves around the opening sequence, I can’t wait to watch it again knowing what happens in the new context.