Incredibles 2 – Film Review

Incredibles 2 – Film Review

This film took 14 years to be released, which is insane. The one franchise that Pixar has been asked for the most to have a sequel for (Besides what happens after the end of ‘Monsters, Inc.’) is another Incredibles entry. Though Brad Bird wanted to do other stories than just stick to one property which I can commend, his passion truly shows in this franchise. The Parr Family is something apart pop culture and people want to see what they will do next. This film picks up right after the last one ended and it feels seamless as possible.

The film focuses on Elastigirl working for DevTech as a spokesperson to advocate for superheroes while Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible stays home and tries to figure out how to be a great parent. I really liked the storyline for Jack-Jack and Violet. What they did by taking a small throw away line at the end of the first movie and give a whole plot for Violet in the second is incredible. It lead to some hilarious moments. Jack-Jack steals the movie with his multiple powers and his scenes with the Raccoon and Edna Mode.

Frozone really felt like apart of the family in this entry compared to the first. I would have liked to have seen his wife but hopefully she appears in the third entry. I didn’t like how they wrote Void’s character but I do like the voice of Sophia Bush. The other new characters including Winston and Evelyn Decker were interesting. I liked their backstory and their perspective on Superheroes.

Because I’m formulating, okay! I’m taking in information! I’m processing! I’m doing the math, I’m fixing the boyfriend, and keeping the baby from turning into a flaming monster! How do I do it? By rolling with the punches, baby! I eat thunder and crap lightning, okay? Because I’m Mr. Incredible! Not “Mr. So-So” or “Mr. Mediocre Guy”! Mr. Incredible!

My only cons with the film is that the story didn’t seem as complex as the first one was — but I did appreciate the other great character moments that the film did do really well in the writing. I wish that it had been more dark like the first one was, but times have changed. The villain was a little flat but there was some effort to give their reasons why of being evil, it just felt that it needed more weight to it.

Overall I really enjoyed this follow up to the first film. This is definitely one of the better sequels to a Pixar film that have been released. I hope that it doesn’t take more than 3 years for Incredibles 3 to happen. Though I would like a time jump for the characters as they have mostly solved their current problems in their lives at this stage. I would like to see them older with a new dynamic.