Independence Day: Resurgence – Film Review

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Independence Day: Resurgence – Film Review

In this age where studios are picking up properties from many years past and deciding to continue it since those films have built in fan bases,Independence Day: Resurgence really capitalizes on that. This film continues the story 20 years later to the date. The background setting of the film is very well established — even in their online marketing materials that they’ve put out in websites and viral videos. A world that has come together and put aside their differences to form a unified planet, which is something I think we all want as a species. I really liked that “Star Trek-esque” tone to the film when it began but it didn’t develop over the course of the film.

The overall story of the film I didn’t have a problem with. The point A to point B plot made sense and isn’t something out of complete left field. The problem I had mostly was some of the character moments and dialogue in some scenes. Sometimes the film tries to make fun of those disaster movie tropes and you laugh along with the film as it’s making fun of it, but sometimes you’re laughing at it because it isn’t executed as strongly as it could have been. There is a struggle to have a strong lead character/duo. Liam Hemsworth is set as the lead character with Jeff Goldblum coming in second — I felt that it should have been reversed. Jeff Goldblum needed to be more in focus

“We convinced an entire generation, that this is a battle that we could win. We sacrifice for each other no matter what the cost. And that’s worth fighting for.” – President Whitmore

I really did enjoy the ride through the film but it did retread some story points from the first film they didn’t end in the same result as the first film. That’s something I wish “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” did in the script. Dr. Okun being in a coma for Twenty years was a little odd — I felt it wasn’t necessary to be out for that long, he could have been out for a few weeks or years. The special effects I do credit for being well executed that made everything felt very real and tangible. The Alien technology felt more advanced than it did in the first film.

The performances were great by Jeff Goldblum and Maika Monroe. Liam Hemsworth tries to be a lead. He just needs to work his way up better. He didn’t shine as well as he could have but I appreciate the effort. It’s nice to see both Judd Hirsch and Bill Pullman back for the film. They do a serviceable job and are welcomed back on screen. Sela Ward was great as the President. Her character felt real.

Overall the film is a silly popcorn action flick that you can just shut your brain off and enjoy the noise. Though it does pose a sequel and it does make sense for the setup — I’d like someone else to direct and write that entry.