The Accountant – Film Review

The Accountant – Film Review

One of the great things about this movie is that it depicts a character of a mental illness in a positive light. You can be anything you want to be which isn’t definied by your illness. In this case it helps him perform his job better and evolve beyond a stereotype. Christopher Wolff feels like a real person in an extreme situation. The chemistry between Affleck and Kendrick was pretty strong. Though there age difference you do wish they would get together. Kendrick brings some great comedic relief and is able to hold her own in action sequences.

The action sequences are a real highlight in the film. Ben Affleck really sells them especially with the sound design that is done with the editing. It felt very visceral and realistic. You thought that the danger was real and that there were actual stakes in the film. I did appreciate the comedy with the action that helped it be more of an enjoyable experience than it being a dreaded experience with no moments of levity. The two big twists of the film I didn’t see coming and were greatly appreciated moments of mystery that the film had me guessing. I am looking forward to seeing this film again in rewatch to see its rewatchability while knowing the answers to the mysteries.

I have trouble socializing with people… but I want to.

A few of the things I didn’t like about the film narratively was the speech that JK Simmons character had towards the end of the film. His subplot and the characters involved with that didn’t add much to the story in my opinion. There was too much time devoted to it and it become exposition heavy where it loses steam. The film would probably have been tighter without that but I didn’t hate it completely. There could have been more scenes for Anna Kendrick’s character with Ben Affleck’s Christopher Wolff.

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