Time for a change


After a very long time I decided to finally change my web hosting and my website so that it was more functional. Since I have started blogging I figured that I should have a website with a blog incorporated in it. The theme I was using had the blogs be the portfolio pieces, so I needed to change that. My hosting was causing my site to crash constantly and I needed something stable. I figured as long as I’m wiping the slate clean I might as well update my theme. Granted the last one was responsive it was not that much different since it was from the same theme, just a responsive version.

Regardless, I’m glad to have a new look to my site that gives it something extra. It was pretty straightforward before. Now with the blogging feature I will be writing a lot more including things such as FredDev events, #FXBGTech news, current events in design and other design opinions based on latest trends.

Stay tuned! Thanks for checking out my portfolio!


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