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About me

Hi there! I am a visual designer who values communication, which I believe is crucial to the success of any creative project. I want to get your point across using your ideas and vision to craft a more impactful experience. I value collaboration and teamwork, not just between creative designers but with all of your valued team members as well. A spark of an idea from a conversation or even a whiteboard drawing can come to life if we work together and share our ideas. As the world of design evolves to become more collaborative, so do we: working together makes things happen.

Throughout my professional career, I have worked with a diverse array of businesses – everything from a startup bakery to a national bank. Those experiences have helped me develop strong visual skills in advertising, branding, layout design, data visualization, and web design. I favor designs which are neat and simple, free of clutter while retaining a touch of character. I believe the strongest messages benefit from a clean grid while using strong typography and dynamic elements. I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite applications including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom. Additionally, I am well versed in both Microsoft & Google applications including Sketch App, WordPress, and modern HTML 5 / CSS3 techniques.


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