Andria McClellan

Andria McClellan ran for State Senate in Virginia’s Virginia Beach/Norfolk region. She need a candidate website and ad designs for promotion for her campaign.

Project Overview

For the initial stages of the project, a landing page was made to give Andria a foundation to use for her campaign. The campaign logo was created prior to the design work being done. Once a landing page was created and the campaign for the democratic primary approached – the ad campaign began


Utilizing the brand design elements that were established I crafted a custom homepage, about, and issues pages. When making the designs I wanted to utilize the curve that is created by the stylized “A” in the brand throughout the site. Once approved by the client WordPress implementation began and the site was built out


Eventually, as the bill evolved into different iterations, it was updated to reflect the branding of the name of the bill as time went on. The website is no longer active but the design lives here.

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