New Georgia Project

The New Georgia Project was in huge need of a revamp for its online presence for both its main site and its Action Fund.

Project Overview

A big issue that the New Georgia Project faced was a messy online presence for both of its websites that weren’t mobile-friendly for users. The design they had was not well put together and they had a blog that wasn’t integrated very well into the site.


I took the existing brand colors and logo by utilizing some new typography and design elements to craft a new design that had some strong visual elements but was clean and impactful. Focusing on how to best showcase the blog and the organizations was a huge part of making the website work. After completing the homepage design the about page and the organization page were designed for approval.


Building the main website was a challenge in incorporating all of their content but it make it digestible and matching the design that was created as best as possible. Putting together all the content for the Organization pages was the biggest part of making sure that they all looked unified. Putting important links in the top navigation and other resources in more logical places for users to find.

Following the launch of New Georgia Project’s main site, the sister site was developed with a similar aesthetic but a change of typeface and colors to match the logo were favored to make a streamlined simple site.

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