Julie Johnson

State Representative Julie Johnson was about to start her campaign for the United States Congress and needed a website in order to launch her campaign. Getting her campaign off the ground to a great foundation with a single-page site was the start of launching this project.

Project Overview

Julie Johnson had branding done for her upcoming campaign. As the designer on her website I had to take those design assets and design a website that was simple, progressive-leaning, and accessible.


Based on the websites they wanted to emulate – I took inspiration from other progressive candidates and designed a site that had a minimalistic look with some dynamic elements including a video header, the candidates headshot cut out, and a graphic to highlight the new congressional district.

I designed the website in Sketch to get an overview of the design done before building the site in WordPress. One of the positive aspects of making the site — the branding was flexible enough to make accessible for users to be able to read and understand to pass the basic accessibility standards.


The live website eventually had press releases published to showcase any news items the campaign wants to release. It has the ability to grow if the campaign chooses to do so.

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