Political Ad Designs

This project is a collection of various political ad designs for candidates, causes, and news articles. When designing for a candidate or cause the goal was depending on the level of strictness there was to the brand, to create a piece of catchable art that would be in users’ social media feeds and make them look at the particular candidate or cause.

Project Overview

Each project started off with designing a standard social media square size to build a foundation to use for a various sizes to promote on the appropriate platform.


When given a design task for ads, I would look at what the entity would have for branding and design on their online website, social media accounts and any given materials at the start. After the assessment of materials, I would find the foundational elements that they have established in order to find avenues of how to best design the project without being too repetitive or stale. The biggest challenge was making the design feel cohesive to the established brand without losing its identity.

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