Kickshaws Gluten Free Bakery

Kickshaws is a gluten-free bakery providing the best bread, cupcakes, cakes & cookies you find locally in Fredericksburg, VA, that ships nationwide.

Project Overview

Kickshaws Gluten-Free Bakery approached me to help create their brand for the Fredericksburg region. The goal of Kickshaws was to help make gluten free baked good accessible to the local community.


Throughout this business collaboration we’ve designed 3 variations of the brand as it has evolved overtime. As they have pivoted to their ability to expand and focus, they have found their niche to help grow their customer basis. Baked goods are there MVP which has been very popular with the locals is very necessary for the Fredericksburg region. The online store that was built focuses on giving across the specific foods that Kickshaws provides baked and shipped to locals.


Once the WordPress theme was chosen and the visual style was decided upon, I built out the brand with the theme to make a user-friendly eCommerce site to highlight the best-selling products. One thing that was focused on when updating the brand and in the creation of the website is to highlight the specific types of foods they bake to increase clarity and minimize confusion on the list of available products.

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