Identity Design

This is a gallery collection of some of the businesses we have done branding identity work. With some of these brands, we developed business collateral for our clients to print business cards and other printed materials. We value making our logo packages that have every file that a client needs to use on print or the web.

Project Overview

The businesses in which we created the branding include Good Turn Earth Co, DeSeta Hair Design, Dana Marie Art, Copter, Harbor Wealth Management, JUMP Marketing, The Beauty Muse and W. Craig Gilliam, Recall the School Board, VoterPAC, Harder for the House, The Marathon Initiative, Fraiser, and many more. For these specific brands, we focused on the typographical tone that matched the messaging of each brand.


Our process with these logos we discussed the ideas of each brand of what the client wanted to have in the end product and we broke it down with tone, style, weight and concepts. After some research with finding typefaces that work well with the brand we came up with 3 unique concepts with variations to showcase directions that the brand could go. With sketches, mockups and variations we narrowed down the styles to one concept with each brand having a unique style to reflect the business.

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