Career Source NEFL

CareerSource Northeast Florida had a consolidation problem where they needed to combine several sites into one for a better user experience.

Project Overview

I aided in the visual design of the new website. The challenge of this project was to help the site stay on brand and be WCAG compliant to ensure it followed all the guidelines. Besides the integration issues from a design perspective, the compliance piece was the largest issue for this project. Having a brand that doesn’t have enough contrast to meet compliance without it being too heavy on one color.


The process for the site involved on the Promet side creating a new IA / Sitemap that combined all the extra websites to consolidate the content. Once the structure was set, IIevaluated the Style Guide and developed homepage variations. Following the homepage, the landing pages and tertiary designs were created to have efficiently and clearly marked visual indicators of a user’s level on the site.

After several revisions and style changes to make sure that there was enough even distribution of the color scheme across the site, the pages were handed off to the development team at Promet to complete the project.


After completing the design the website was built by the development team and I provided style elements for them to implement.

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