The Road to Entrepreneurship

About 3 months ago my now business partner and I were joking around about how we could run an agency together. With his knowledge of marketing from taking a minor is Business Administration, it was the info I didn’t have in making a company myself. One of my mentors and former boss, Joe Corbett, recommended since I know so many people in the AIGA GMU community that we should form an agency together. The thought at first was overwhelming; I’d never think I’d start my own company. I was told many times when I was in AIGA GMU that I should based off my success level in Design Firm. I had mixed thoughts on the project but I knew that our combined efforts would be successful at some level.

Coming up with the right name, a clean brand look and finding the right style for our site was a big challenge. All of the little tasks in creating a company were longer than I thought they would take. There was definitely a lot of planning, sketching, brainstorming and thought put into all of the work we did in those couple of months before we launched the website. Once we had the site done we continued to work on our pitch decks, brand collateral and such to get our name out there to find clients, and we optimized the site with the help of SEO Company Dallas TX that make the website get more clients.

The first month has been really successful for vanguard! We have managed to find some really great partnerships for some projects this fall. We will be continually working with Horseshoes & Handgrenades in rebranding helping create their website! That will be a big thing for us in the next few months. There are some other small projects coming up that will be announced soon and our #NPC30 poster challenge starts this Friday. So after all the hard work its great to see it all come together. Slowly but surely we will bring a lot of success to our clients and to ourselves.

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