Twenty Thirteen – A Year of Change

2013 was definitely a year where a lot happened for me professionally. I learned the lessons of where to work and where not to work. I experienced how to be yourself and where I feel I belong in a workplace environment. There were a lot of challenges that I faced being a year out of school. I definitely had a lot to think about when applying to new jobs and where I wanted to go to work. I had a lot of different opportunities approach me this year that I am grateful to have happened. Having the experience to see the different areas design can take me really got me thinking on what I wanted to do as a professional designer.

As a designer who has had only a few months of experience, I really just took whatever I could get. I didn’t realize I was being reckless rather than making a smart move. I didn’t consider all the options or things to look out for in taking any opportunity. I really just saw — “Hey! It’s a job I can do! Lets go for it!” or “This will get me towards what I’m looking for, but it pays me nothing” and even “I’m getting the chance to leave the area I’ve known behind and do something completely unexpected! I can’t wait!” I really needed to think about the facts of things don’t always seem what they appear to be. I didn’t always consider the environment, the people I’d be working with, or the logistics of working at that job long-term.

I felt that a lot of things happened at the right time because I was supposed to experience them, and each one helped me grow with each change. With every change brought something new to the table of the experience that I gained over the year. Having the chance to work with all the people I did gave me insights into the world of design. I’m glad that I was able to have the ability to start my own business after all the experience I had working for an agency and being surrounded by entrepreneurs in my local area. Networking became more enjoyable of course since I had more time to do so, but even then I tried to go to as many events as I could when I had a full-time day job.

Personally, I feel that I have accomplished a lot and I’ve gained some great mentors over the course of the year to which I’m grateful for their knowledge that they gave me. After closing out 2012 with a little idea of what will come in 2013 I now have a new perspective on the fact things don’t always stay as you think they would. I have a new thoughts on going into 2014 where even though I have this new design agency things don’t always go as you plan. I have every confidence in myself to do well I’m just sure that things will be an interesting ride that I’m excited to be on.

Heres to the New Year.

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