Gone Girl – Film Review

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a good mystery thriller that had such a strong slow burn to the story. Gone Girl has amazing performances by its cast and a mystery that keeps you invested with every twist and turn. Though this film is long in runtime — you don’t lose interest whatsoever. The cinematography David Fincher has is so brilliant with the color palette, fog and music mixed within it. Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor have such a strong subtly with their music that enhances each scene and guides the viewer on the journey.

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are the shining stars of this film. Their chemistry on set is palpable and Rosamund’s performance is simply iconic. They both show the terrible sides of both men and women in marriage and bring the ugly to life. Not everything is perfect but its a challenge. The twists and turns that happen in this movie happen so slowly and keep you interested. Characters are extremely well realized and have some great lines throughout the film.

“You two are the most fucked up people I’ve ever met and I deal with fucked up people for a living.”

Some Key supporting actors I’d like to shout out are Tyler Perry, Kim Dickens and Carrie Coon. All three of them had shining lines or moments that helped showcase their character on screen. Carrie Coon had a strong chemistry with Ben Affleck that you believed they were related. Tyler Perry had great comedic timing to where he was such a great part of the overall film. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy Neil Patrick Harris much in the movie. His acting was okay but didn’t really sell the character for me. Overall I thought this is one of the greatest thrillers of the decade with outstanding performances.


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