Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – Film Review

The Mission Impossible franchise is one of those film series that gets better and better with every installment. Rogue Nation definitely takes upon previous installments and takes those faults and improves upon them. Each action sequence built on each other that made the film constantly tense. This film is personally my favorite Mission Impossible, the fourth one is a strong predecessor.

When the stunts in a film are done in CGI primarily, you are able to tell it was done on green screen or the actors were digitally inserted. Comic Book films are well known to do this style of action to where it becomes tiresome or fatigue. I feel that there is a time and a place for CGI action sequences and sometimes its best to do it that way to create the vision the director is hoping to create. With Tom Cruise doing the majority of his stunts — especially that plane sequence in the trailer you feel that it is real. It definitely adds to the believability and the tension of a film. Kudos to Cruise for brining such dedication to his craft.

Open the door!

Christopher McQuarrie’s style of direction was refreshing. The way he directs his action sequences and ties it together between close ups, background scenes and arial shots is very well crafted. You become more immersed in the scene with the way he cut those together. The characters were very well written and each character had their moment to shine. Whether or not each character had a lot or a little screen time Christopher McQuarrie wrote each individual character well. The comedy intermixed with the action felt seamless. It definitely helped keep the pace of the film and wasn’t stale.


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