Zootopia – Film Review

Disney Animation is really becoming upon a renaissance of films that though are 3D in visuals — but they have strong stories that become classic worlds which elevates it to be great unique franchise material. The World of Zootopia is a great example of good world building that can be ever expanded upon for more entrees to come. “Wreck It Ralph” is one of my favorite Disney Animation films in recent years — and this one is right up on there in quality. The story was another mystery like “Wreck It Ralph” that had many twists and turns which you may or may not see coming.

The messages in this movie are also very important and relevant to our time and culture as we face the many challenges of stereotyping people and judging people at face value. All should be treated equally and not everyone is who they think they are. Great messages to give to kids on the importance of acceptance and respect. I do like how this film shows Disney’s intelligence of trying to make the audience not feel dumbed down — and not only to parents but to kids as well. Animation films shouldn’t talk down to children but to give them high brow stuff at a reasonable level.

Life’s a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you. – Judy Hopps

The voice cast is great across the board. Ginnfer Goodwin is a real stand out. She disappears in the role and you can’t tell that it is her voice as much as Jason Bateman who plays Nick Wilde. Idris Elba, Bonnie Hunt, Alan Tudyk, John DiMaggio and Jenny Slate round out the main voice talent of the film with a great ensemble. The song from Shakira is great. Its a nice tune that helps balance out the tone of the film from not feeling the film is gender focused and is more universal.

The focus on the film with it being a male and female lead that aren’t in a romantic relationship was a great showcase for children. So many different films have the male and female lead be a couple and I’m glad that the focus was level for both genders of kids. It really made this film feel like a stand out. Also the films stand out point were its clues to the mystery that as you recall the events of the film they make sense so that you don’t feel cheated by the end when the mystery is solved. Overall its a great Disney film entry and I’m looking forward to Gigantic coming out soon. With Frozen 2 and Moana being more Disney Princess focused, those films aren’t as appealing to all audiences.


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