Iron Man – Film Review

The first Iron Man movie where the Marvel Cinematic Universe all began was such a ground breaking moment in film history. From its use of the Post-Credit Sequence, to the ballsiness to have its main hero reveal his secret identity right out of the gate is something you don’t see in comic book movie films. You have to give huge props to Robert Downey Jr, Jon Favreau and Kevin Fiege for starting off the MCU in a strong fashion. Without this film no one else in the film industry would be trying to build a cinematic universe of their own.

Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man/Tony Stark, without question. The character persona embodies him in a way that revitalized his career as an actor. He would not be the same without Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios came to be after they acquired financing to do this film and “The Incredible Hulk” (with Universal) to start making their own films since they didn’t own Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic Four. This B-Character of the Marvel Universe is now an A superstar pop culture character known across the world.

I am Iron Man. – Tony Stark

The only negatives I have with the film looking back were with the underdeveloped villain which Marvel is accustom to being known for doing in their films. Obadiah Stain was well portrayed by Jeff Bridges — he just didn’t have a lot of clear motivation for being evil. Pepper Potts could have been written a little better in not being as stereotypical as a female character. Other than that this is a fun movie.

The action and comedy have a great balance between the two to where it works and has great energy throughout the film. This is one Jon Favreau’s best film’s and I hope he returns to the MCU in a larger role than an executive producer.


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