Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Film Review

This is one of the strongest entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe film series. Captain America was viewed as a weaker character after his first movie, “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “The Avengers.” Most people viewed Iron Man as the main hero. But after this film, he became on the same level as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Marvel started creating sub-genres with its hero’s films. The genre’s they’ve infused overall being Fantasy, Technology/Action, Space Opera and Heist this one stands out.This being a political thriller really elevated the material and brought gravitas that could shut up naysayers.

Captain America gets to have both Black Widow and Falcon as his sidekicks or partners in crime in the film and that really helped balance out the picture. Anthony Mackie is very charismatic on screen to bring Falcon to life. His suit is much more realistic than the comic book version. It felt real and believable to exist. I did enjoy Natasha having a bigger role in the film. She feels like Steve’s equal and they work well off of each other. It was nice to see her have a larger role another MCU film besides “Iron Man 2.”

On your left. – Steve Rogers

My only negatives on the film were some small continuity errors within the plot where characters have objects that weren’t with them when they left a scene and appeared again. Overall no major qualms with this film. Really enjoyable and a great action thriller. With Robert Redford as the main villain, it showed the aim for quality for this picture and the goal of getting the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a higher stature. Redford portrayed a solid villain for the MCU. I did enjoy his character, though some of his motivations weren’t fully explained I did buy into them.

I would definitely say this is up there with the first Iron Man as one of the top few Marvel films. Captain America’s trilogy really rounds out well with this entry and the next one, “Captain America: Civil War.”

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