Captain America: The First Avenger – Film Review

This entry in the MCU is a period piece. I would say it is an average film that is in the library of Marvel films. The theatrical villain of Red Skull played by Hugo Weaving was great. They did something with him as a character to establish that he was the villain and that he did have a plan but his motivations were lackluster. I did appreciate the production design in this film from all the locations they went to over Europe and the timeless 40’s look of New York City. The flaw in the film is just its memorability.

Chris Evans does a great job as Captain America. This film he was just getting a feel for the character after playing Johnny Storm in FOX’s failed Fantastic Four franchise. He does everything he can to sell you on being Steve Rogers — where this movie does so very strongly at. The visual effects with making him look smaller and frail are pretty spectacular for where we are now. He did have a complete arc of becoming the person who would stick up for the little guy. Even though he didn’t have much heft behind him, he became someone who was almost invincible but still stick up for the litte guy.

Whatever happens tomorrow you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.

Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter of course is a strong stand out female character. One of the MCU’s most under appreciated characters. Looking back at this film it’s good knowing she had a complete arc in each Captain America film even though she had a One Shot and a short lived TV series. The other stand outs are Dominic Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones as Howard Stark and the Colonel Phillips. Great talent in a Comic book film.

Sebastian Stan, I thought didn’t have much depth in this film. I first thought that he wasn’t going to return (After not reading his Comic book storyline). He has definitely grown as a character, but the basic relationship between Steve and him was properly established. I felt that even though this film wasn’t the best — it did feel the least like a comic book movie. It felt like a 40’s espionage/period film that reflected back on how the world was and shown how far we have come. Cinematically I did like the tones they used to establish the age of when the film was set compared to present time. Though I do wish they didn’t overuse Sepia tone.

Even though this isn’t regarded as much as the Winter Soldier and Civil War, this film is a great starting point for the character of Captain America.

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