Power Rangers (2017) – Film Review

When I grew up, I was a huge fan of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” I watched the show from the original series till they went to space. I had all the action figures and toys, the zords were my favorite to play with. The original film I watched too, it was a childhood favorite. When I heard they were making a new film to reboot the series, I was curious to what demographic they would make the film. With Joseph Khans gritty remake short there was a lot of buzz to see a dark adult version of Power Rangers.

This film is very character focused which I highly appreciated. Things done in the film paid off and the morphing was earned by the end of the film. I appreciated the actors portrayals of the characters and making them their own. Though they have the same character names, it doesn’t feel like it’s damaging the original characters. Rita Repulsa and Zordon’s backstory felt new and fresh. I appreciated the new mythology as a fan, though there are cheesy moments it all felt more natural and interesting than trying to be to kid friendly.

This is your destiny… This is your time.

At first I wasn’t sure about the looks of Alpha 5 and Goldar but ended up liking how Bill Hader brought his voice and visual performance to make a character that wasn’t over the top and kinda cool. I wish there was a better happy medium for the original look and the new look but didn’t hate it in the end. The power coins, Zords and Zordon’s look really worked for me. It ended up feeling well done and had strong creative decisions. The way that had them form the megazord and the choice to have the original opening were solid.

Overall this is a very fun movie that both fans and non fans can enjoy. There is a bit of a slowdown in momentum in the second act but the third act definitely pays off and you can just watch the ride. The beginning is well done to build up those characters enough to keep you engaged. I hope that there is a sequel coming soon, there is a great mid-credits sequence.


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