Brigsby Bear – Film Review

When it comes to independent films these days there are many out there that try to achieve a viewpoint whether it be political, social, or just artsy to the audience. This film truly has heart when it comes to the point it is trying to make. This is a story about a boy who was kidnapped from the hospital where his captures pretend to be his parents and create this fake television children’s program to entertain him. From what happens from that beginning is a simple tale about a young man coping with a change in his own reality to be able to move past the trauma.

Kyle Mooney brings such an endearing performance as James Pope, in which he showcases his acting ability beyond what he does for “Saturday Night Live” by bringing such innocence and wonder to his character that you believe he is experiencing everything for the first time. The characters around him also help elevate and evolve James throughout his journey to return to society. Greg Kinnear as Detective Vogel was a delight. Up and coming actress Ryan Simpkins does a great counter balance job of playing James’ sister Aubrey in which she is the reluctant sister to Kyle Mooney. Jorge Lendebourg Jr played James’ best friend and I really appreciated how they portrayed his character in the party scene and made him a positive figure that also was able to help himself with the plot of the film.

Hi I’m James! I really like your clothes.

The family as a whole played really well as a dynamic over the course of the film. Mark Hamill also provides some great supporting work with being the capture father and creator of Brigsby Bear. I really appreciated how they handled the medical situation of a trauma patient with how they gave him a true road to recovery. The usage of James making a film to get over his ability to cope with reforming into society was a smart touch.

Overall I didn’t have any glaring negatives other than that it felt a little rushed in the beginning but the ground the film covered made up for the rushed beginning. I would definitely recommend people see this when it hits streaming if it is no longer playing in theaters near you. It is a heartwarming tale that you don’t see as often these days on screen. I truly enjoyed this film and is in the top 10 of the year so far for me.


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