Ingrid Goes West – Film Review

With social media being so influential in our lives and how we interact with our friends and colleagues that this film doesn’t take a stance or whether or not that these are bad, but what is really real between humans? I really admired that they didn’t villainize Instagram and just kept it as a platform than a problem. Though social media is a problem this film focuses on a character named Ingrid who suffers a mental disorder that seeks attention from another via Instagram to live her life.

The film takes a neutral stance on stalkers by showcasing this character as someone who isn’t out for harmful behavior, though some actions are taken, it is more about feeling the ability to be needed by others. I felt it portrayed that well in the dark comedy spin. Aubrey Plaza does a fantastic job as this character of Ingrid. She is very relatable when you boil it down. Someone who doesn’t want to be alone and surrounded by others to belong.

Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea. Hashtag, California.

Elizabeth Olsen plays Taylor, her new idol and inspiration to move out west. She plays this very vapid Instagram influencer/photographer who lives a typical LA lifestyle than can be known to many residents. Though that this film portrayers Instagram influencers in a certain light it isn’t what they all do but it does run true with the fact — is anything real that they post or is it all an illusion? O’Shea Jackson, Wyatt Russell and Pom Klementieff play great supporting roles in the cast. O’Shea shines the most by playing her landlord/boyfriend in the film.

My only negatives with the film is that it went too deep into the rabbit hole than it needed to go but it did serve the character and work narratively. I just felt it was too much. There was a minor plot hole problem that I had an issue with but it would have broken the narrative. Those can be overlooked on a second viewing of the film. Overall I do recommend people check this out — whether it is on streaming or in the theater.


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