Get Out – Film Review

The social relevance of this film is quite poignant with its topical discussions of how white and black people interact. With all the negative things happening in this world, people being killed unnecessarily and violently with no reason. This mystery thriller really helps us shape our conversations between the two races. The ways we interact and talk in a subverted tone to get on one level with another to say “Hey I’m not against you” is really powerful and true with a lot of social situations. People don’t want to be villainized or put in a negative light and this film does touch on how we treat others in social situations.

Another reason this film is so successful is that it is very economical in its use of it’s budget. This film was made for roughly 4 million dollars — where most blockbusters or mid range films are made over 70+ million dollars. The film grossed over 250 million dollars worldwide to showcase its not only cultural success but its business sense in creating a great product for a low price with a high demand. Jordan Peele does a fantastic job as the screenwriter and director in not only creating the dialogue that is not only subtle but smart, but also having the camera work that helps elevate the material.

Now you’re in the sunken place.

Daniel Kaluuya shows off his talents from his “Black Mirror” episode to the silver screen. Alison Williams also brings some strong work here who also is jumping from television on “Girls.” The supporting cast of Catherine Keener, Caleb Landry Jones, Lakeith Stanfield, Stephen Root, and Bradley Whitford do an excellent job in elevating their roles to creating this creepy unusual family.

The only negatives I have from the film is that though everything is done very well it does feel a bit simple and small due to its budget and runtime. I wish there was more to the story but what was done shouldn’t be taken advantage of for its slow brilliance. I would definitely say that this film has a huge cultural impact that should not be ignored. This isn’t a typical horror film that relies on cheap jumpscares, blood and gratuity. Stream it if you can see it on streaming channel.

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