Battle of the Sexes – Film Review

For the film which is titled ‘Battle of the Sexes’ it is more of a complexity study between the politics of men and women than just a match between to polar opposites on the tennis court. This showcases the life of tennis player Billie Jean King and her personal struggles of being a lesbian in the 1970’s. What this film offers is a wonderful performance by Emma Stone as King. It does a good job of being a good film before being an LGBTQ film. I felt it handled Billie Jean King’s sexuality very respectfully and her personal struggles being a star in tennis as a woman.

The cast is great and has a lot of cameos and small appearances from many comedians. Steven Carrell really hams up the loveable asshole stereotype as Bobby Riggs. It’s always great to see him depart his comedian side of acting and to try new things away from being on “The Office.” I feel that Steve does a better job in a serious role than just being a guy who can deliver some great jokes.

I’m not saying women are better. I’ve never said that. I’m saying we deserve some respect.

There are some issues where the film does hover over the balance of being effectively and overtly feminist that might turn off some viewers that think the film may be hitting the point over the head. But that aside does try to say women can be equal no matter what sport and that it should be about skill than gender. I would say this film is a solid rental to showcase these actors’ talents. I am one who likes to watch historical biopics, especially sports films and I would say that I haven’t rewatched this in a while but still think it’s worth your time. This film may not be remembered for much beyond telling Billie’s story but it is definitely a great highlight reel for Emma Stone and Steve Carrell.


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