Red Sparrow – Film Review

Spy films have to be unique in the modern age of film when it comes to making a splash creatively. This film which is based off the book of the same name showcases a female spy into the mix of all the male based spy films. The basic premise is that Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Dominika, is forced to become a ‘red sparrow’ after an incident that ruins her ballerina career. Beyond that plot point it is a pretty standard by the numbers spy thriller that plays the long game with the audience.

There were a few things about this film I did enjoy which were the chemistry between Lawrence and Edgerton. That chemistry felt real and authentic. The twist at the end which I didn’t see coming was a nice surprise. I did catch on that there was something up with some points but they never clicked until the end of the film. I did enjoy the cast overall with Charlotte Rampling as the Headmistress of the Sparrow program and Matthias Schoenaerts as Dominika’s uncle.

The Cold War did not end, it merely shattered into a thousand pieces.

This film is very timely with all the political commentary going on with both Russia and America’s governments in question. The accent of Lawrence was hit or miss. It didn’t bother me after awhile but I appreciated the level of acting she put effort in to dedicate herself to the role. I was surprised with the level of nudity and bold ambition of the character she portrayed. The graphic violence only bothered me in one scene of the film.

I do think that Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence work well together as an actor/director combo — I just wish that the story was strong and a bit tighter for me to care enough about the plot. The cinematography and atmosphere was there just not enough excitement or suspense. I did definitely feel the length of the film. It didn’t justify it by the end but I appreciate the twist a lot to where I can forgive some of it. I would say this film is fine to watch as a rental or on television down the line.


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