Skyscraper (2018) – Film Review

Dwayne Johnson’s projects that he has done lately alway know how to make him work as the focal point of the story. The films always let him show of his charisma and charm to where you are enjoying the film you’re watching. With this entry into his filmography he does become more vulnerable this time around. I really liked what he did here in portraying a disabled veteran who is trying to continue a meaningful life after a traumatic incident. That part was pretty compelling in the grand scheme of things. Neve Campbell also returns to the big screen has his wife who has some strong chemistry with Dwayne.

I did appreciate what they did with Neve Campbell’s character, in which she is more than a one dimensional love interest. Being the girl from “Scream” she lives up to that in a few action beats she partakes in. I hope she is able to get some new roles in film or tv because she is sorely missed. Otherwise the cast is hit or miss. The film doesn’t do much to develop the other characters beyond what the plot needs them to do. The villains are pretty one note.

My family is the only thing that matters to me right now.

Though there are some moments in the film where its self-aware, but it comes off a little flat. The plot twists and reveals were not surprising. I thought the performances were fine, it was just the script that didn’t service the actors enough to give them something more to do. I know this film is basically a ‘Die Hard’ rip-off, and it truly goes there. If it was made by the studio I could see it working as a spin-off but it just feels lazy overall. The Rock and Neve make the film enjoyable to watch.

I would say this film is a good TNT or AMC afternoon watch that you can pay attention through and pass the time. It does have some good special effects and some good action sequences, but it is nothing you haven’t seen before in a Dwayne Johnson movie. I hope that he finds better writers to make better films. He isn’t the problem at all, or the cast. It’s the writers writing too safely and not trying to do something fresher.

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