Ralph Breaks the Internet – Film Review

“Wreck-It Ralph” is one of my favorite Disney films of all time, so I had high expectations for this sequel going into it. Though I came out satisfied and had a good time, it did not surpass them but at least met them to a certain degree. I had a fun time with this film that had a lot of great easter eggs and cameos from Internet personalities and brands popular across the web. They personified a lot of hard concepts including how friendships evolve, how comments can affect a person, toxic masculinity and personal insecurities.

Ralph represents the status quo while Vanellope becomes to disrupter in the friendship. The way the story was executed with the themes of friendship was really well orchestrated to showcase how friendships evolve and that though things can change it isn’t the end of the world. The lessons of being able to deal with your own insecurities is a hard concept to pull off and I think they did for the most part. I liked their character growth throughout the film and it felt like a ride going from the arcade to the Internet. The way they realized the internet was fun, with how they created their own form of “Buzzfeed” and “YouTube” and made “BuzzTube” to combine the two platforms for the story.

Wiffy? Or is that Wyfee?

The Disney meta cameos were fun especially spotting all the easter eggs they hide throughout the film. The Disney Princess’s basically had an extended cameo with one additional scene that wasn’t shown in the marketing which was a fun meta commentary on their film’s stereotypes. Slaughter Race was a cool world that is based off “Grand Theft Auto” and Gal Gadot’s Shank character was a nice character to work well with Vanellope for character development. The Dark Web was interesting. They personified viruses and the dark things that happen in that part of the web. They even had great nods to the dead sites of yesteryear like NetScape, etc, have a cameo as well.

I do think this is a worthy sequel to the first film. I am not sure how they would make a third film or where they would go but I am glad how this entry ended up. I wish we had gotten more of the arcade but all the new characters they introduced and different lands of the internet are possible spin offs / sequel directions they could go. Definitely worthy of seeing in theaters. One of the better animated films of Disney’s new Animation era.


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