Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Film Review

With Chris Miller and Phil Lord’s last effort in bringing life into the “LEGO” franchise, there was a lot of anticipation on what they would do with Spider-Man in an animated format. Not only did they create a great film but they also were able to include so many versions of Spider-Man. We have our first of hopefully many movies starring Miles Morales, which was a refreshing change from the traditional Peter Parker. This was their way to have their cake and eat it too. I found it clever and I didn’t feel as though Miles was being over shadowed in his own story. At first hearing the concept of multiple Spider-Man sounded a bit convoluted.

The animation style is extremely refreshing as it feels like you’re watching a comic book on screen in action. Lots of variations and very stylistic to have its own identity. So many animated films feel very flat and regurgitate of each other so they don’t have their own style, but this feels very special and new. The world building was really well established. There are so many possibilities for characters to crossover from other universes. Spider-Gwen is another well established character that I would like to see more from.

One thing I know for sure: don’t do it like me. Do it like you.

The over story was simpler than I thought it would be based off the first trailer but was pleased to watch how streamline the writers and producers made the film in order to broaden the scope of the universe without losing the focus on Mile Morales. Knowing absolutely nothing about the character I was able to get a great sense of his mythos with his Police officer father and mother who is a nurse. Miles is not only African American but Latino as well, and they don’t skimp on that either. I wished there had been a little more time to develop his own world and characters beyond the surface. Aaron Davis / Prowler was well established with his limited screen time.

This movie is definitely worthy of seeing on the big screen. I might possibly even say some shot of the film might look even better in 3D. There are some great voice cameos in this film I didn’t realize til I looked them up on IMDB that surprised me. This is a film the whole family can enjoy but doesn’t pander to a younger demographic. Definitely refreshing for an animated studio to make a good movie thats made for all than a movie made for the young to keep them busy for 2 hours.


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