Happy Death Day 2U – Film Review

This was a surprising sequel — as in I didn’t think this was going to get a sequel in the first place, but I quite enjoyed it! It wasn’t a beat for beat remake of the first one, it took the concept of the first one and expanded on it to grow the world and change the genre to up the stakes and bring a lot of new levels to the franchise. It goes from being a comedy horror flick to a sci-fi film with horror/comedy elements. Jessica Rothe shines again in this film with her performance as Tree.

With Groundhog day movies, there is a lot you have to work at with the characters to be relatable and engaging to the audience than having the plot be the focal point. Tree’s relationship with her mother really comes into focus and the question the film poses. I thought it was pretty effective to incorporate that plot point into the film so it went beyond the daily repetition and her trying to find her way back to her universe. This moment made the film more poignant and less silly compared to the many deaths the character faced throughout.

Now you’re stuck in this day. Congrats. Oh, and by the way? You’re going to die. Again… and again… and again.

The deaths through silly, do fade into the background as a montage element than a huge highlight to the film. The relationship between Tree and Carter is a bigger part of the story with her meeting a version of Carter that doesn’t know him and is dating her sorority sister Danielle. The universe bending plot device was a nice way to explain why the first movie happened while also being able to grow this franchise. The end tag was a cute way to play up a third film which I am not sure will happen.

I would say that though this film isn’t as strong as the first entry in originality and energy, it’s still a fun ride to watch during the fall season. I would check it out after seeing the first one for a fun double feature.
If this franchise were to be given a third entry – I would expect that to be a Peacock film versus a theatrical release.


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