How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – Film Review

I am late to the “How to Train Your Dragon” Franchise, I had thought that most of the Dreamworks projects were too kid-focused than quality focused. I saw them recently before seeing this film and thought that though this franchise is overall a great solid staple for the Dreamworks Animation brand — this film is the weakest out of the 3 films. I felt that this film just came too late after the last entry to the point no one really cared about it anymore. The film didn’t have much beyond showcasing the pains of growing up.

I do like the maturity that the film goes into with showcasing in a digestible way the struggles there are of growing up with letting go of your childhood and finding your place in the world as an adult. I do feel the relationship between Toothless and Hiccup here does ring well by the end — but the film itself doesn’t have much bite to the overall plot. The visuals when it comes to the ‘Hidden World’ are stunning. The dayglow florescent look of the environment would be an awesome theme park ride for Universal to create. I wish that the film spent more time there than a few brief moments.

I was so busy fighting for a world that I wanted, I didn’t think about what you needed. You’ve looked after us for long enough. Time to look after yourselves.

The villain was unfortunately forgettable and inconsequential by the film’s end. I felt that the film should have had the conflict focused at the ‘Hidden World” than it be an afterthought. The ending goodbye of Toothless and Hiccup is where the film really shines. That is the core heart of the movie — learning when to say goodbye to your friends so both of you can move on and have your own lives.

I would say that even though this isn’t the greatest ending for the film series, it is by no means a bad movie. It may be a paint-by-numbers kids film but it isn’t downgraded to a film that panders to kids.I would still recommend cinephiles and parents with kids that want to give their kids something to watch that is of better quality a great afternoon with a triple feature.


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