The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – Film Review

The Hunger Games franchise for the time being closes with this chapter. Katniss’ story from being a simple girl from District 12 to this iconic war figure of hope to this young woman who is leading the nation against and evil dictator into freedom. For this finale I felt it was a little weak. As a second part it needs the first part just as much as the first part needs the second part to exist as one film. I was lucky to see a “Mockingjay Double Feature” event and saw the whole picture at once. That definitely helped with watching the film instead of seeing it by itself.

The film starts right after where Part 1 ends. That hurts the film to a degree in making it an individual story. The story they were trying to focus on was the battle against President Snow but the challenge to wrap up the series and follow the book to the loyal films tied the creative hands that set out to make a memorable franchise. I wish that they had changed some things up from the book and took the story where they wanted to go. They didn’t set things up properly for character deaths and surprise reveals. The film told you things repeatedly so you were aware things that were going to happen and a major character death felt completely unearned and unnecessary to the plot of the film.

We all have one enemy, and that’s President Snow! He corrupts everyone and everything! He turns the best of us against each other… Stop killing for him! Tonight, turn your weapons to the Capitol! Turn your weapons to Snow!

The action in the film is great — it definitely made up for the lack of action in Part 1, which made it feel like the “games” were still alive. Some of the character deaths in the Capitol did have emotion impact and the story between Peeta and Katniss felt real. I’m glad that there story was as wrapped up as the story in Harry Potter was with the 3 leads. Gale, Johanna, and some of the previous tributes weren’t the focus of course but I felt they needed closure instead of being quietly let off screen with little resolution.

Jennifer Lawrence does deliver with being Katniss for the final time. She took ownership of her responsibilities as a character and took care of her problems and focused on her mission. The goal of the movie which was the destruction of Snow and the evil regime was accomplished. The film set out what it was suppose to do — but added subplots from the book that didn’t translate well. I hope for the future of the franchise that they focus on the war aspects and find a way to incorporate the games back into the movies. They were the real MVP of the franchise that brought in audiences.


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