The Peanuts Movie – Film Review

The Peanuts Movie definitely captures the spirit of the original comic strips. Even the Holiday Specials stay in the same tone as this film to bring the Peanuts to life. The new animation style is great — with a combination of 2D and computer animation creates a strong stylized visuals. The authenticity of the animated series is well shown through the film. I’m glad that the kids aren’t modernized into todays standards and they act as they did in the tv show. If they had upgraded them to kids playing with iPhones and video games it would have detracted to the spirit of the characters.

The story itself is pretty straightforward with a great side story for Snoopy. Snoopy is one of the best parts of the film with his red baron sequences. Snoopy is definitely a stand out in the film. His storyline mirrors Charlie Brown’s in parts which helped add to the overall film. All of the classic character traits jump from the page to the big screen. The specials are referenced in the film which were nice quick nods that don’t take away or distract the audience from desiring to watch them. One of my favorite aspects is the animation style. It goes between both 3D and 2D hand drawn animation. It was great to see on screen. The eyes of the characters also seem hand drawn. It just felt well crafted and not a CGI mess.

The whole world seems to be conspiring against me. I’m just asking for a little help for once in my life. – Charlie Brown

A few of the negatives I would say for the film is the time jump from winter to summer towards the end of the film. The story I felt should have been more fleshed out throughout the school year. That took me out of the movie for a moment but overall the plot points all served their purpose at the climax of the film. A few of the characters could have had more screen time like Linus. I’m looking forward to the next installment of “The Peanuts” franchise and seeing where they go from here.


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