Ghostbusters (2016) – Film Review

Ghostbusters from 1984 is considered by many to be a classic. This 2016 reimagining of the original has a completely different tone, messaging, and purpose in this new era. This film’s main goal is to take an older property, repurpose it and give younger girls a film to see a full team of women being leaders that you don’t see much if at all on the big screen. It is a refreshing note to have that available to girls of all ages and for boys as well to set a better example.

The main issues I had with Ghostbusters was that the tone of the film didn’t mesh well with the content. I feel that Paul Feig isn’t the best creative choice to bring this property to life. His style of comedy is more outlandish than what Ghostbusters needs as a property. The male characters are either assholes or they are not very smart. Though you can argue that’s the same way women have been portrayed as in films for many years it levels its validity to existing with fair balance of treatment to each gender. Though it may be out of touch I would suggest having a straightforward, level headed male character for the sequel.

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Back on the positive side of things the chemistry between the women was great. They felt like real people and no one actor/character superseded another to take advantage of another. The cast is well put together. I wouldn’t replace any of the actors. I would have added more diversity in the overall cast though. They can update that in the sequel.

The highlights for me were Leslie Jones’ character, the special effects on the ghosts and the use of trying to create a new mythology instead of continuing the story of the original. Trying to create something separate was a good idea in my opinion. I hope that this film does well overall and that there can be more films with female leads that are good role models for girls.


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