Sully – Film Review

The tale of the “Miracle on the Hudson” is an important story to be told but I’m not sure 100% if it was the best to call this film “Sully” rather than “Miracle on the Hudson.” The focus on Sully was very well portrayed by Tom Hanks. He does shine well in this role and embodies the real life hero who saved 155 lives in a forced water landing. Clint Eastwood does a good job in making sure that he brings enough tension and action sprinkled throughout the film to prevent it from being predictable.

Though that most people know how the miracle played out with everyone surviving they add the layers of conflict with whether or not it was a reckless decision to land in the Hudson. I do like that they did play that up but wished they had focused more on the passengers than beat that horse to death on whether or not that decision was worth it. I did like that they focused on the human element of knowing when to go back vs following procedure and accounting for taking actions to find out the problem. They really showed that computers can’t prove everything and that the human elements are apart of any decision in these scenarios.

Charles Porter: [At the NTSB investigation proceedings] Mr. Skiles, is there anything you would have done differently?
Jeff Skiles: Yes, do it in July.

I would recommend people see the film to see what heroism not only Sully showed by everyone else involved from the rescue workers, the National Guard and other first responders. That was something only briefly touched on at the end of the film that should have been more of the focus. The film definitely needed more but I’m glad this story was told.


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