Justice League – Film Review

Justice League is a film that has gone through so many growing pains when it comes to development. From the previous incarnations from George Miller and Guillermo Del Toro, Zack Snyder and finally to Joss Whedon to come to the screen. The troubled production who lost its initial director, Zack Snyder, due to a family tragedy gained a reputable visionary to help create a streamlined film in Joss. Through the many complaints that the DC film tone was too dark visually and tonally that his voice was something to bring a better balance of dark tones and levity to keep the film grounded, team dynamic strong and the ability to have fun while watching the film.

Though there was a mandate to keep the film under two hours (which helps keep the film moving) does hurt the film in having a chance to breath, which the extended version of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ did to have a cohesive story (Though a long two hours and forty nine minutes). I did enjoy the pacing with those issues at hand. The film does take some time to find its groove in the first have when the team is assembling. The plot of the film I appreciated being straightforward and not overtly complicated compared to previous films. Something that Joss got right was making the film feel cohesive than a blundering mess where there was too much going on for the viewer to understand.

The world needs Superman… the team needs Clark. He’s more human I am. He lived in this world, fell in love, had a job. In spite of all that power.

The characters really shine in this film. Their team dynamic really works as actors and as the superheroes they are portraying. Superman has the chance to be Superman for once. His character had the best improvement since the beginning of this universe. After seeing his performance I really want him to have another Superman movie where he gets to be what Superman is about Hope. I understand what they were going for initially but it didn’t work out for the best. There’s more to explore with the character. The films score by Danny Elfman I want to shine a light on since it really elevated the film to be more than just noise from what Hans Zimmer did in the previous two film. It felt more smooth and balanced what was going on screen.

Aquaman was a really fun character. Can’t wait to see his film next year. Though he was short changed in this I won’t hold it back since we are getting a whole film for the character. Wonder Woman shines as always. She becomes the leader that she should be. Cyborg was solid, really enjoyed Ray Fisher’s performance — the robotic touches helped make that character well rounded. The Flash was a little to jovial for my taste but the character is new to the whole thing so I will let it slide for now. I liked the change they made for Batman and it felt pretty organic after the events of ‘Batman v Superman’ where he realized he made a wrong and changed as a person into who Batman traditionally is as a character.

Overall I would say Justice League is a step in the right direction. It is great to see the team dynamic and the humor play off of them. Though the film does have it’s CGI issues and wobbliness in focus in the beginning and underdeveloped villains it certainly is not a travesty of a film.


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