Avengers: Infinity War – Film Review

In the 10 years of Marvel Studios producing movies this truly is the collimation of all of those entries into one story of what it has been building up to. Originally this film was pitched to audiences as “Infinity War: Part 1” and “Infinity War: Part 2” would be the following year. Though there are two films, they are not labeled as two parts, even though this film does feel like one half of a two part story. I did feel that though this didn’t feel like a traditional film or have a normal three act structure, it did flow very well and did move along to where I was never bored or not entertained.

A lot of the characters in the film don’t really have arcs, they just do tasks to move the plot along which mostly Thanos is the main character who does. This film does a lot for Thanos and that’s all in thanks to Josh Brolin who really delivered in his performance. It felt complex and not one-sided. The Black Order I thought was formidable but there wasn’t a whole lot done with them to make them very memorable in my opinion. It was great to see them on screen.

In time, you will know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right. Yet to fail all the same. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.

There was so much I liked about the film, especially the combos of characters that were paired off. Though not every character was in one scene together there was enough balance in the film that I never felt that one character didn’t have a chance to shine on screen. Some of my favorites were Iron Man, Thor, Groot & Rocket, Nebula and Doctor Strange and Gamora. I thought they shined the most in this film besides just Thanos. I can’t wait to see the film again so I can catch new things I might have missed. This is definitely a film that requires multiple viewings to really process what has happened and the interactions between the characters.

Joe and Anthony Russo did a great job at the pacing of this film. There is very little of this film I would cut out at all, I was surprised how well paced it turned out. There was no moment where I thought that was a definite pee break moment. I think once the fourth Avengers film happens I will know more about how I feel about this film, which is telling. I think that this film does have the issue of feeling like half of a two part story, but at least with this I don’t feel as empty as other franchises who have done this feat.


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