West Exec Advisors

WestExec Advisors is a strategic advisory firm that offers unique geopolitical expertise to help business leaders make the best decisions in a complex and volatile global environment. We bring together a diverse team of experts with the most recent high-level experience in government to solve concrete problems facing our clients.

Project Overview

WestExec was in need of us to build out a website to utilize in showcasing their services. Vanguard was able to assist in designing the website based off the given materials of typefaces, logos, color palette and images.


Designer Melody Cook provided those materials and created the icons to visually describe the offerings. As the creative lead for WestExec, she was able to craft the look that they wanted. After the design process had been completed I searched for the WordPress theme that perfectly matched the design. Building out the website that not only was one page but had functionality to smoothly scroll between the sections and provide an in-depth look at each of the team members’ profiles.


As the website aged, I worked on continuing the maintenance to keep the site up to date on updates and WordPress issues in order to keep the face of the website looking current.

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